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Welcome to ALTS (Basic Info)
We welcome all alts (any guild) / main who are interested in joining us

No Drama on guild chat

No PK/KS of guild members from ALTS characters
(friendly 1 on 1 or group fights allowed if all concerned players are fine with it)

first 12 Ally Guild leaders can PM/Mail hermit or epic or rishi in game for exe positions to either their alts or their guild representatives.

Lend @ own risk, guild wont take responsibility on this matter (Though if proven scammer will be booted)

Got an Issue Mail me here/in game on hermit

otherwise enjoy the game no compulsions on guild activities but please know due to alt officers no DS event either.
(More info on About ALTS link provided below inside

December BQ event ends in, total prizes worth 3k EC

ALTS quick links ^_^
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